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terralengua multilingualIt is not just any service but a person who will work like an element of the core team,  whether it’s an ongoing process or one-time task, complex task or simple schedule work.  

A virtual assistant’s job is to assist  your business with various tasks. They could be anything from simple administrative tasks like data entry to more skilled, complex services like Digital Marketing or research in Telecom and Science.  

Our virtual assistants offer administrative support and assist you in tackling daily business chores for business and individuals, for everything from making vendor or customer service calls to sending out personal communication letters or even answering calls.  

Essentially, any task someone can't or doesn't want to do in different languages.

Additionally, there is the Online Assistant service that allows you to have your personal assistant either for periods of time established or with a monthly contract. Attendees will answer all calls, whether in English, Spanish, Russian, or Ukrainian or other languages from country´s local numbers.

They will take notes of calls and later on the translated transcription will be sent to the mail, whatsupp or his mobile.


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