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The fastest and easiest way to learn a new language is to eat, sleep, and drink it—that is, fully immerse yourself in listening to and speaking the language all day long.

Terralengua’ Immersion Program in Santiago is designed for those people, students who want to practise a foreign language in friendly atmosphere.

Just being yourself and let it be a natural exchange between people getting to know each other rather than making everything awkward and weird.

You’ll go on excursions, attend cultural activities, snack with your coach, speaking the foreign language in an array of real-life situations.

Immersion training goes beyond the traditional language class to create an atmosphere that closely resembles being in a foreign country.

Your program will include 6 hours in some outdoor area, interactive language, 1 snack, language coach, activities and private transport. 

We provide language immersion in Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Other languages under request. 

Come, live the Language immersion in Terralengua.


Our mission is Language immersion in an outdoor activity for an unforgettable experience!.


Interested? Contact us

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