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Our Company


businesspersonWe are able to provide high-quality professional human translations, according to requirements in different fields including technical, websites, applications, telecom & IT, software, marketing, science, business and more.

We help companies who want to be local, anywhere and everywhere.

We are obsessed with helping to succeed on a global scale while maximizing efficiencies of doing business around the world.

Our success depends on your success...




Fidelity and transparency are our top-priority guidelines to better achieve successful translation work with clear messages.


With over 15 years of proven expertise in different fields and high-volume translation, specially in Telecom and Science.


With the highest quality and fast turnaround time; with simple & affordable pricing–done by people (native speakers).


We can translate texts on all subjects, from the most everyday to the most technical (engineering, science, business).


About Us

  • Halyna - Founder
    More than 15 years of experience in public administration, Science and Business. She holds a Public Administration MBA and degrees in Biology and Chemistry from the State Pedagogical University in Kyiv, Ukraine. She speaks Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, and English.
  • Koke - Consultant
    More than 20 years of experience in business in the Telecom & IT sectors. He holds a Telecom Engineer Degree from Santiago University in Chile and diplomas in Product and Project management. He speaks Spanish, English, Swedish and Russian.
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